Pasarón de La Vera Historical Site

Cradle of civilisations

Pasarón de La Vera is a town located on the western edge of the county of La Vera.

The Historical Site comprises the properties within the perimeter outlined by certain streets as well as those facing either side of those streets.

Pasarón de La Vera is organised around three squares where you can find the most important buildings in the town: the town hall, church and Palace of the Counts of Osorio. It is worth strolling through its streets and discovering its architecture and charm.

The Plaza de la Iglesia square is laid out over two levels due to the sloping ground. The Parish Church of El Salvador, dating from the 16th century with 18th-century additions, is found here. It was built mostly using masonry and has three naves divided into three sections.

The Plaza de España square is home to the town hall, a building that is an important example of traditional architecture, with a wooden lintelled porch, balcony and solarium.

Finally, there is also the Plaza del Palacio square, home to the Palace of the Counts of Osorio, a Renaissance-style building with two levels and built using masonry, ashlar work and brickwork.

Homes in the town are usually two storeys, with an upper part that serves as an open drying place thanks to small windows. These homes are built using stone and plastered, painted adobe, with wooden balconies or solariums, projecting terraces and doorways with large lintels, giving the town lots of charm.

Highlights of the religious architecture include the Hermitage of Cristo de la Misericordia, the older part of which dates to the 18th century, and the Hermitage of La Concepción, from the Baroque period, covered with a half-orange-shaped dome on a cylindrical tambour.

Pasarón de La Vera was declared a Historical Site in 1998.


Cuacos de Yuste



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Intervalos nubosos

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